Mobile Vending

“Auto cool Vending trucks/Carts” vending on wheels is the latest business opportunity in the world of vending.

One person can transport, set-up, operate and can give services

Taking Vending to the Masses “Auto cool” vending trucks/ Carts offer a comprehensive business design solution without the expense and delays of customization. The integration of mobility and new technology moves others from the traditional bricks-and-mortar into an untapped reservoir of customers and sales.

Auto cool vending trucks/Carts open up non-traditional markets for retail sales. The combination of the fast-turn, high volume world of vending with mobile real estate allows you to capitalize on thousands of new markets and new customers at outdoor venues. Vendible products range from food and beverage to clothing and shoes, souvenirs, tools, health aids, electronics and many more options. Taking these products to the masses is convenience retailing at its finest.

In Auto cool Vending trucks/ Carts can accommodate multi type of vending machines depending on size and style.

In these business vehicles can be equipped with soft ice cream machines, soda machines, juice dispenser’s microwaves, change machines condiment stands or a combination of these items which are located over the wheel well.

A single person can set-up and operate the units. Our Entrepreneur Research and Consultation, ERC division is waiting to help direct the business owner in locating mobile vending, additional equipment and product.


Entrepreneurs who are looking for a lucrative part time or full time business will find our new and exciting mobile vending retail store a great opportunity for specialty events. Who one interested in starting a new business that is easy and fast to learn and which does not require a wide range of skills can get started within a short time frame. Companies can add this service to their locations for the catering of workers. Auto cool vending carts deliver food and beverage products faster than traditional catering food trucks. Active Retirees interested in making a living while traveling to specialty events of interest will enjoy the ease of operating our kiosks and the profits earned. Commercial food service providers and event management persons looking to broaden industry demographics by creating satellite venues on marriage halls, colleges, university campuses, sport/ entertainment facilities, parks/ beaches. Auto cool Vending Carts offers on-the-go service to their customers. Catering companies who supply food in the hospitality industry, job sites and outdoor events can now offer a wider selection of foods and beverages by using our mobile food catering kiosk

Consider the Investment Benefits:

Low overhead Ease of use
Rolling billboard Flexible hours
Venue versatility Self-containment
Great curb appeal Unattended sales
Easy maintenance Mobile real-estate
Fast financial return Single person operation
Weekend employment Wide open marketplace
Large product offering Security designed solutions
Increased profit margins Multiple advertising opportunities
Multi-purpose applications Machine interchangeability
High-volume customer base Minimal inventory requirement

Advantages of food trucks compared to traditional brick and mortar restaurant locations.

Food trucks represent a mobile, versatile, low cost restaurant. Compared to traditional brick and mortar locations, food truck can travel to their customers or set up in crowded locations to ensure a successful business day. Traditional brick and mortar locations must rely on their image, advertising and product to continually draw people in. Food trucks in comparison can use their mobility to visit a number of different locations and when combined with a good product, food trucks can draw a crowd at any location


The food cart's main strength is its price. It's reasonable, hence why it is used by street vendors the world over Mumbai to New York, and allows you to start operating with minimal investment.


Need to move around the street during the day? This can move like no other option out there - just push it! This makes it perfect for any town center locations that you may have.

Eye Level

When you operate from a cart you're on the ground with the customer - there's nothing between you and them, meaning that you can build a relationship with them and serve them quickly. Few other units offer this advantage